Thursday, May 10, 2012

Conan update/People are obsessed with mustaches

Do you ever go to work really tired, and grumpy, and then realize "OH MY HECK I WORK FOR CONAN" and then get really excited? Because that happens to me about every 5 minutes here.

I was talking to my family today. I wanted to show off the only song I can play on the ukulele, but they wanted to know about the famous people I've seen, and how much I miss them. ("Them" meaning my family... pronouns are confusing). To sum it up quickly, yes, I've seen a lot more famous people, obviously, because my boss's job is to interview them. Joel McHale, the girls from Pretty Little Liars, and the girl from the Vampire Diaries are the newest on the list (plus another, who must remain a secret for a while longer). And of course I miss my family.


We are obsessed. It is a problem. If I see one more picture of a tragically hip girl with a fake mustache on pinterest I think I might die. Pretty girls all over have at least one picture with some sort of fake mustache. I call it the "adorable mustache." I mean I totally understand the trend. Nothing says "I'm an adorable girl" quite like a collection of hair above our lips, right?

They come in the form of finger tattoos

On a stick (Even I have been a victim in the epidemic)
Wedding Announcements

The list goes on an on... seriously. I found wrapping paper, mugs, necklaces, shirts, beanies, and there is even a giant convention this weekend in LA dedicated entirely to mustaches. I think the adorable mustache has run its course, and it's time to move on to the next thing. 

I'm being so ironic, it's cute!
That's right. Why should we have that hair above our lips, when it can be just as cute BELOW! Just think of all the cute places you can put a picture of a soul patch: On a necklace, on your shirt, on your baby's binky, on your wedding ring, on all the mustache paraphernalia you already bought, etc.

Because why look like this guy:
When you can look like this guy:

You could even combine the two and look like this guy:

Yay adorable female facial hair! For some reason I blame Zooey Deschanel...

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