Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Video Blogging is Awkward

Ever wonder what the Tower of Terror is really like? Don't worry, my first video blog will tell you all about it.

Look at that awkward still that is representing me.

It's a really rough video. Please forgive the out of sync audio, terrible image quality, and my uncomfortable glances at my dad.

I understand if you hate it, but you will just need to deal, because there are going to be more. Many more.


  1. Hahahahh!
    I have to tell you that I hate vlogs and they make me feel so uncomfortable, but I laughed so hard at this and loved it so much! Oh I love Ben. And you. And the Tower of Terror. And I will probably watch this again.

  2. hahaha. Our dad is so dang cute! haha. funny. good stuff. Time for videos of my visit! :) Love you

  3. I just want people to know that the screaming was not from me. You did truly capture the essence of the Tower of Terror ride.

  4. Nice vid! Oh and your hair is looking really pretty! :)