Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Anti-Bucket List

I've been trying so hard to find my niche in this blogging world. Many of the popular blogs out there are about crafts, fashion, photography, or about how the blogger is SO in love with her husband. Unfortunately for me, I know nothing about crafts, I'm barely capable of dressing myself, my camera takes nice pictures but that is no credit to me, and I am MADLY in love with my husband... I just haven't met him yet... (But mark my words Jake Gyllenhaal, someday we will.)

So, I tried to find something I could pull from these other blogs.

I found a lot of people making "Bucket Lists." Hitchhiking across Europe, bungee jumping off the top of the Eiffel Tower, Dancing with a storm trouper in Morocco, etc. I started to notice that all the ideas sounded crazy cool... for a tv show... not real life.

However great it seems like it would be to jump out of an airplane while making a rootbeer float, I don't think I would ever do it. It's expensive, scary, and I don't really like rootbeer all that much anyway. On top of that, it is could cause me to kick the bucket sooner.

I would like to live for as long as possible... So here is my anti-bucket list: really great things that will allow me to keep my bucket upright for as long as possible

1. Check my blood pressure by myself
2. Look at a plane flying in the sky, as I dive off a low diving board.
3. Avoid sticking things in electric sockets
4. Stand at the finish line of a marathon and congratulate people who finished
5. Marry Jake Gylenhaal
6. Eat spinach
7. Watch "The Amazing Race" on television from a safe viewing distance
8. Go to my parents house and drink filtered water
9. Send in an audition tape to "Survivor" and then send a rejection letter when they do actually choose me
10. Write lists and put them on my blog

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