Saturday, June 2, 2012

My Relationship with Garmin

LA is a crazy place, full of homeless people, sketchy neighborhoods, and foreign people. More than anything though, LA is full of freeways, one way streets, and endless ways to get lost, which is why I have my handy, dandy GPS Garmin!

Taking pictures with my phone of my GPS while driving. I'm all sorts of safe!
She has helped me get all over the place. From going to Irvine to pick up a kilt rental, to driving Zankou Chicken to pick up another lunch order for someone, and I appreciate that she knows the area better than I do, but most the time I find my self yelling furiously at her.

I'll be driving somewhere, sticking perfectly to the instructions that she has given me then suddenly her snooty british voice comes out: "Recalculating..." NO! Why? What have I done to displease you master Garmin? You can hear how condescending she is when she says it, too.

Once I drove out to Newport Beach to spend some time with a friend. Garmin had me circling the location for nearly an hour. I knew we were circling because there were signs that let me know I was in the right city, and we kept driving on the same road over and over. It made me so upset I wanted to take Garmin, and throw her out the window... but I couldn't... because she was still in charge... So instead I just screamed at her... which is sad. Don't worry, she was punished. Once we got to the location I put her in the corner, facing the wall and told everyone that they were not to look at her.

I recognize that Garmin is not, in fact, a real person. I can't imagine how cruel I would be to a real person riding shotgun trying to figure out how to read a map.


  1. Remember back when you refused to use the Garmin? Funny how things change :)

    Oh, and don't forget whose Garmin it is really.

  2. BRI! I want you to know that I LOVE LOVE LOVE Zankou; my family is OBSESSED. I even have their insanely bright yellow shirt 3 sizes too big. I hope you eat there too and don't just pick up that deliciousness for others.
    Please enjoy a chicken tarna wrap for me. And never stop writing on here, your words make my day!