Tuesday, September 25, 2012

I saw it on Pinterest!

This post was inspired by a ridiculous mom-pin I saw posted on Pinterest yesterday.

What is a mom pin? It is a ridiculous craft that delusional newly married girls post thinking that someday they will be such a perfect mom that they will have time to sew their little girls's dresses out of old tshirts, frame their own photography in frames made of spoons, and make cupcakes that look like pandas every night  all while trying to take care of a child.

The pin that inspired was simple enough. It was a list of cute "how to's" for cute moms. At the top of the list? Stickers to put on apples that have cute messages for the kids like "I love you," or "Have a good day" or  "You are superior to the kid eating the PB&J sandwich not cut in the shape of a heart." I imagine the mom who made these stickers must be a blonde, into yoga, rich, emotion-free, hasn't-eaten-sugar-in-ten-years, wears heels on the treadmill kind of lady.


You are not going to have time to make your kids little apple-stickers with love notes on them. You are not going to have time to cut their sandwiches into the shape of their favorite animal. You will be lucky if you have enough time to pack them a lunch, write them a note, or sleep at night. Heck, I have zero children and I don't have time to pack a lunch now. These crafts and DIYs are ridiculous. 

That is my rant.

In the mean time, I tried to find this particular pin, and accidentally spent an hour on Pinterest and created a new board.

Pinterest is the devil. Excuse me while I go put a cut up sock to put in my hair. 


  1. You are so wise... how is it that you've figured this out so early in life? Mommy-dom will be smooth sailing for you as there's no need to shake all of those ridiculous delusions!