Monday, September 10, 2012

My Tiny Cellphone - A Love Affair

I started writing this particular post back in May, back when I had a Sony Ericson Walkman. You don't know what that is? FOR SHAME!

This phone was amazing!
  It played music. Unfortunately, you needed a special cable to hook the phone to your computer to upload any music, so I never added anything new, which was okay because it came with the only song I ever really needed to listen to: Love in This Club by Usher. (dripping with sarcasm)

We regularly took photos together

  It was tiny. It easily fit in my bra without anyone noticing, except when I awkwardly pulled it out to answer it... (why do they even add pockets to jackets or pants if they're FAKE! I digress... that's another rant for another day. The point of that sentence was to clarify why I wasn't using pockets to hold my phone) I'm certain this phone was the inspiration for the cellphones in Zoolander

I had one of these babies for most of my cellphone-owning-life.

Wait... I should clarify. Each of the 9 phones I owned in college was a Sony Ericson Walkman. Each phone was unique, and was tied to specials memories, events, and people (boys). Just like the memories, each phone met its tragic end in a uniquely different way.

1. Water damage... from salty water... from my eyes.. otherwise known as tears. Yup. I cried so much during a conversation with my mom about the woes of my freshman year that my phone gave up the ghost.

2. Freshman year brings out the otherwise controlled stupidity of all 19 year old kids. For me, it was the day I decided to showcase my fun and spontaneous nature by jumping into a swimming pool in November fully clothed, cell phone in pocket. No one thought I was cool, and I no longer had a phone to cry on when I talked to my mom about my lack of cool-ness

3. Did I mention how small these guys are? They even fit in pipes! I learned that after I flushed one down the toilet. It survived for a short time. I knew it was alive because I could hear it vibrating for a good two minutes until we were able to get it out. It died shortly after

4. Dropped once or twice... or 15 times.

5. Left in a hotel room in Florence, Italy

6. Fell on my face with my phone in my pocket... the damage left both the phone and my pride permanently scarred.

7. Fell out of my pocket on Big Thunder Mountain. No good hearted Disneyland-er ever gave it back.

8. My dad gave me a new one for Christmas, assuming that I'd have already broken my last phone... which I didn't, but I decided to put one phone to rest to start using the new Christmas phone

9. After 2 months in LA, I realized that life without an iphone was not going to work for the people out here. After a genius plan to fooled my father into agreeing that I should get an iphone, I finally laid my last walkman down to rest.

On the only anniversary I've ever had with a phone. I'm serious when I say it was a love affair
Even though I am an iphone owner now, my baby sized phone will always be my first love, and you never forget your first.


  1. You are HILARIOUS! I laughed out loud while reading it and had to then read it to my coworker. The vibrating in the toilet was the best! Miss you Bri!

  2. Wait... what? What genious plan?