Monday, February 25, 2013


A couple years ago, a couple "friends" convinced me to go to a jumping center with them. I tried to have fun for a little bit, but then I broke my toe. When I asked them if we could leave, they ignored me. So, I sat on a bench, watching my "friends" until their hour was up.
I couldn't walk for a good week, and I never hung out with those kids again.

When Jo asked if I wanted to go to a jumping place here I was more than hesitant. Of course, I'd be going with a better group of friends this time, and she assured me that if I broke my toe again, we could leave immediately.

I went, and it was pretty fun.
Until I found out they had dodgeball.
Then is was amazing.

Our team, lining up for battle.

Poor Lauren got out, but wait, what's that in the background?
 Let's take a closer look
It's just me, holding one ball, catching another, and then dodging a third. So hardcore.

What? Final two? ok, Champion.

OK, I really wasn't that amazing, but I loved it!

It all hearkens back to elementary school when we would play dodgeball in PE, and Jake (my crush) would choose me first. I wasn't very good back then either, but I was big and tall, and I could intimidate the other team.

Thank you Jo for bringing back the same joy I felt as an 11 year old.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Poor Blog

Hey little guy. It's me.

I know I never write, I blame it on the fact that I haven't figured out exactly what I wanted you, my blog, to be.

Originally I started it just so I could tell my family what was going on with my life,  then I wanted it to be a place where I could try to write comically. I've realized the only way that I will write regularly is if I don't put any pressure on myself. So, I will now post whatever I want to post... So let's do a photo-overload!

I went home for a week in October. I spent the entire time with these guys. I would not have survived this last year with out them (and their amazing parents. Why don't I have pictures with them? We'll work on that Mom, Dad, Brent, and Rachel) They are my sisters!

I had the BEEEEESSST birthday with my best friend Jojo. Seriously. Who would have thought we would both end up living in California and working on a TV show? Seriously. This girl has been one of the absolute biggest blessings in my life. It's nice to have a little family here in California (that includes her hubby Ryan, but I have not picture with him either)
Then my girls came to Disneyland for Halloween! This was, no joke, the best Halloween ever. Yeah we were in Disneyland, but our favorite part? Waiting in line. It gave us so much time to hang out together
I even taught the girls how they could master the hideous ride face. I will always be the queen, but they were pretty good. You can't see, but H is doing an amazing job of it in the 2nd row. So proud

I bought a fancy green sparkly dress for Christmas. I'm obsessed. So obsessed, I felt the need to post a picture of it on my blog. I wish I could wear it everyday, everywhere I go. This is the best picture I took with my phone of it.

Then a little more time right after the New
Year! Yay bestfriendhood

I got to spend part of Thanksgiving with this guy in Florida

 My work friends are the best! I took some friends from work to Disneyland. (Obviously, they haven't learn how to properly do a hideous ride face). Then a few of us walked around as extras for a bit on the show.

Imagine Dragons came on the Conan! A friend of mine was in the band for a second way back when they first started performing around Provo. I got to go hang out with them in the green room before rehearsal and talk about velour, and Provo, and our friend. Not gonna lie, I felt pretty cool. Those massage chairs are amazing, and they give a 20 minutes massage, so Dan stayed in the chair for our picture.

I missed being on a set, so last weekend I volunteered to help out as 2nd AD on an AFI student film. It was a blast! 

I finally did a 5k! Are you proud Brian? It's the 3rd one I've signed up for, but the 1st I actually ran. A couple friends and I did the Color Run in LA and had an absolute blast. I didn't think it would be fun. I thought it would make running more fun, but not be something that was fun for fun's sake. I was wrong. If the Color Run is coming near you, then you must do it. It is the happiest 5k on earth

And that brings you up to date.