Monday, February 25, 2013


A couple years ago, a couple "friends" convinced me to go to a jumping center with them. I tried to have fun for a little bit, but then I broke my toe. When I asked them if we could leave, they ignored me. So, I sat on a bench, watching my "friends" until their hour was up.
I couldn't walk for a good week, and I never hung out with those kids again.

When Jo asked if I wanted to go to a jumping place here I was more than hesitant. Of course, I'd be going with a better group of friends this time, and she assured me that if I broke my toe again, we could leave immediately.

I went, and it was pretty fun.
Until I found out they had dodgeball.
Then is was amazing.

Our team, lining up for battle.

Poor Lauren got out, but wait, what's that in the background?
 Let's take a closer look
It's just me, holding one ball, catching another, and then dodging a third. So hardcore.

What? Final two? ok, Champion.

OK, I really wasn't that amazing, but I loved it!

It all hearkens back to elementary school when we would play dodgeball in PE, and Jake (my crush) would choose me first. I wasn't very good back then either, but I was big and tall, and I could intimidate the other team.

Thank you Jo for bringing back the same joy I felt as an 11 year old.


  1. jealous of your skills. I'm the girl who stands against the back wall until she is in the final 3, and then I sacrifice myself, and my team hates me.

  2. Hahahah I love this so much. Also Brooke, me too!!!!! Which is why I didn't play this time. hahah.