Saturday, July 6, 2013

A Small Town 4th of July

For the last three years, I spent my 4th in Disney World telling very large crowds of tired, hot, grumpy people that they couldn't stand in the walk way during incredible fireworks exploding over a castle. Needless to say, for the most part I was just ignored. And it was great. I really like working. Especially on Holidays. So when I realized my new gig gave me the day off I was stressed out. How do normal people celebrate Independence Day?

Lucky for me, one of my best friends, Emma, invited me to her aunt and uncle's mountain home in Idyllwild, CA. It was the best! It was so great to go to this tiny, tiny town. It was so quiet compared to the constant sound of traffic where I've lived for the last year, and the sky was so clear, and the town so dark, you could see millions of stars! 

There was a small town parade. It mostly just involved people wearing a lot of red white and blue and driving their cars down the street. OH! And they threw candy. I've gotten so used to only seeing Disney parades I forgot that sometimes there's no choreography, or soundtracks. It was wonderful.

Back at the house, we discovered a 70's magic organ. And magic was made...
It's so embarrassing that it's funny, and I have no choice but to share it.

We spent all our time with Emma's cousin Gary, who does a lot of freelance work in film (and has a great youtube webseries... that I cannot find right now, or else I'd post a link). Emma also works in the film industry. And who knows what I'm doing with my life. We all have similar dreams. Our conversations would be about the things we want to create, what we love to do, and where we want to live. Then it would go silent, and you could see each of us staring off into space trying to figure out what is next for us. I've never experienced that kind of group pause before! It was pretty neat.

Anyway, I'm up WAY to late. I have to be in to Disneyland every weekday morning at 4:00 am for the next month, and I have to train my body to go to bed at 7:00 pm tomorrow night... yikes.

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  1. You do have an amazing life - you're only 23. You have the "it" factor!