Saturday, August 3, 2013

More Beach Pics

I've lived in California for over a year now. I've only been to the beach a handful of times, and I've actually gotten in the water even less. It was so fantastic to have family living right on the beach for a week. It finally forced me to get in the water.

Ready for more picture dump?

pretending to be a pirate

Are you serious?

Proof I got in the water! but it was sandy, and got our eyes, and we couldn't open them for pictures

Adding this mostly because I am trying to figure out what I was doing with my arm in the reflection on Rach's sunglasses.

Flat bum and beach fun

one of two boys, and a freaking stud

The whole group!

All the girls (I'm sorry my bun blocked your face Hazel)

Love you Rachel! Thanks for all the advice and poptarts
To cope with my family withdrawals I've been playing show tunes all day.