Sunday, October 13, 2013

Two Month Catch Up

I'll skip the apology for rarely updating the blog, and just go right into the updates :)

My dad came out here for a weekend and it was wonderful! My dad and I like to vacation the same way. We like to explore, be busy, and try new things. I finally had a buddy to go to the county fair with, to explore Laguna, play in Disneyland, and go paddle boarding.

I am terrified of water. I almost fell off once. Almost. I don't remember exactly what happened, but I remember screaming and feeling like I was going to cry, gaining my balance, and then laughing because I probably looked like the biggest crazy person

I also had the very cool opportunity to get a tour of both Walt Disney Studios and the Animation Studios. SO COOL! I wish I could have taken pictures inside. We went through the offices where they were working on Frozen, and it looked so amazing!

My cousins came another weekend in August. I was feeling super worn out from all the Disney trips, but I went to see them and we had SUCH a fun day! Their little girl was so stubborn and adorable. When we told her that space mountain was probably a little too scary, and she shouldn't ride, she still wanted to go. This hilarious picture is the outcome

Took a day trip out to Big Bear to see an air show and to go kayaking with my wonderful friend Emma. It was a FANTASTIC day

The interns got together and took a tour of Walt Disney's Apartment in Disneyland. It was much smaller and not as fancy as I thought it'd be... but it was a lot of fun nonetheless

For work, we had the Disneyland Service Celebration. It's basically a big party in the park to celebrate all the cast members as they reach milestone years of service with the company

Finally took a trip to Balboa Island, and ate a delicious frozen banana

The first weekend in October was super special to me. I got to spend time with my family in St George. My uncle was running the St George Marathon, and originally I was just thinking I would drive out there just to see them, then it turned into a big thing, and my parents offered to fly me out on Friday, and then fly home Sunday. I was feeling incredibly homesick, so it was a PERFECT weekend with my favorite people in the world. Most of the time, I feel like I have to choose between chasing my dreams out here in California, or being with the people I love most back in Utah. Lots of tears were shed when I had to leave (mostly just from me and my mom)

It's Halloween time in Disneyland (YAAAY) and that means a special Cast Halloween Party called Little Monsters. I didn't end up taking any pictures at the event itself, but everyone who worked it wore these mickey pumpkin lanyards, and I thought they were super adorable

My roommate is awesome, and put up Halloween decorations in our apartment. AH! They look perfect. Now if only we had friends to invite over for some halloween-ness
Please notice the reflection of cats all around me in the TV. The roomie has two cats. Have I mentioned that? It's a love hate thing
And Finally, if I haven't told you already, My best friend Jo and I are running the Tinkerbell Half Marathon in Disneyland this January! With my new job, I have a great schedule that allows me to go running everyday, and I've been getting really into it. Jo just a got an AMAZING new job at Conan, but it does mean that she doesn't get to train very often with me. This Saturday was the first time that we finally got to go running together. 4 miles in, and it was super hot, and we were super thirsty, Thank goodness for the nice girl at Rubys who gave us some water as we took a breather in Barnes and Noble. Hahaha, is that what normal runners do? Stop at a Barnes and Noble halfway through their run?

Whoa, this ended up being really long! I can't believe how much better I"m doing at taking pictures.

I am going to try to write here more because it makes me happy to write. Its all about prioritizing. Writing probably needs to be a little more important that watching all of Season 2 of New Girl in 2 days... yikes, I have a netflix problem


  1. You went to Ruby's without me?!?! brings back california memories that I want to go back to....
    Love, Kaelin

  2. hahahaha. I thought you'd for sure mention my near death experience. The experience being....being out of shape. Love you.