Sunday, November 3, 2013

October Picture Overload

 October is my FAVORITE month of the year! So much is always going on, and I never have enough time to sit down and document it all. Yet again, I leave you with another picture overload.

For work, we had a beautiful event in Hollywood for all our Glendale/Burbank cast members celebrating service milestones. I was thrilled that it was cocktail attire, because I've been itching to wear this over the top, sparkly, green dress ever since last year. The party was in the old Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood, and I imagine that I will never feel as fancy again in my life.

For the past three years, I have made sure to go the Mickey's Halloween party in Disneyland. First time with Jo, last year with my cousins, then this year with some interns. I had all sorts of wonderful Halloween costume ideas, but time got away from me, so I taped some black paper on an orange sweatshirt.
(I hate meeting characters... and apparently, they hate meeting me)

 Have I mentioned my roommate got cats? because she did. Two of them: Wesley and Buttercup. Buttercup really likes to watch TV... and scratch things.

My friend Meg and I went up to Los Angeles for a day. As much as I love living in Orange County, LA has a better nightlife and hiking scene.

First, we went to Malibu to do the same hike I've posted pictures of like... 10 times

Afterwards, we went to see the 20th Anniversary Special of Nightmare Before Christmas. It is one of my absolute FAVORITE movies. I'm obsessed. I watch it in October like other people watch Christmas movies in December. Seeing it in the El Capitan Theater was spectacular. They had Jackolaterns and Christmas lights that lit up with the movie, then in the end IT SNOWED! It snowed in the theater. I seriously thought I was going to cry.

On Halloween, Meg and I drove up to West Hollywood for the Halloween Carnival. You can google it if you're curious what we were putting ourselves into. Lots and lots of incredible costume, and handsome men who aren't interested in women. We left fairly early, before anyone was belligerent. Our taxi dropped us off right in front of the "Before I die..." wall. It's a project I'd seen on Pinterest 100 times before, and I was so excited to finally contribute! I added "Cruise on all the jungle rivers in the world"

If you can't tell, meg and I dressed up like Danny and Sandy from Grease. She had leather pants, and I had a leather jacket, so no money was spent :) We also ran into some beautiful Conan friends

I got a little pinterest crazy, and started making all the Halloween treats I could find. I then proceeded to eat them all. I gained 30 pounds, but I can't say no to sugar

 Jenny's friend Liz made Tacos for me on my birthday. She also got us all crowns. It was so fun, and SO thoughtful

My dear friend Emma came down for a night, and it was the best. We when to Gyu Kaku, where you cook your own food. Sounds silly, but it was awesome.

And, of course, the annual pumpkin patch visit with the Metcalfs

And last, but certainly not least, BROOKE GOT A PUPPY!!!
I was so grateful that Brooke decided to get her the weekend I came home. Her name is Red, she is an Australian Shepherd, and we love her. Like crazy people.