Sunday, December 8, 2013

Oh Tannenbaum

Most of the year, I proudly claim Halloween as my favorite holiday, always putting Christmas at number two. But then decorations go up, and I remember how entranced I am by the light of a Christmas tree.

I have always been terrified of the dark; as a kid, I turned every light on in the house if I had to walk around at night. I think that's why I first fell in love with our Christmas tree. Not only was it a giant night light, but it also brought something extraordinary into my home. It seemed the kind of setting where a fairytale could take place: a tree inside a home, little lights inside it, sparkling red and green bulbs. I would sleep on the couch next to the tree whenever I could just to look at it a little longer. It felt magical.

Living away from home, I have missed seeing that tree all December. My mom and my sister must have known how important it was to me, because this year they sent me a Christmas package with a tiny tree, ornaments, and tree skirt (and a couple other Christmas goodies).

So it's a little smaller than the tree I had at my parents house. It's still just as marvelous. Every night since I got it, I have spent a good 20 minutes each night sitting by it, just as mesmerized as I am every year.


  1. How cute. What a nice mom and sister you have

  2. Come with me and Ryan to get our tree this year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I meant every one of those exclamation points.