Tuesday, December 3, 2013


It had been almost four years since I had celebrated Thanksgiving.

I never understood the point of Thanksgiving. It seemed like a holiday that mostly celebrated food. So, each year, I took the week to fly out to Disney World and work on the Jungle Cruise (my sweet, sweet Jungle Cruise). It was one of my favorite traditions. But, with the Jungle Cruise chapter of my life over, I found myself without an excuse to skip Thanksgiving.

But I get terribly homesick, so I was thrilled to go home. Even if I had to celebrate Thanksgiving.

Home was perfect. Too much eating, too much sleeping. But I played video games, went hiking, went to dinner, went to a movie, and played games. I can't tell you how little I get to do those things when I'm away from my family.

Friday, Brookie, her puppy, and I decorated the house for Christmas (I made them both pose for pictures)

Dad playing with both our puppies. Dallas is less eager to be photographed, but don't worry, my old girl is still around :)

Saturday, Brooke, Dad, and I went on a hike to his infamous Rock Pile. My legs were SO sore from lifting weights that morning, and the mountains were a sad shade of brown, but it still was so lovely! I love any hike with these people.

poluuuution and beautiful mountains :)

Sunday was Hirschi night, as usual. My cousins are the best friends I could ask for... even if most of them are under the age of 15.
Teenagers, amiright? 

I was trying to take cute pictures of all the kids, and this little guy jumped in front of the camera every time! Finally had to wrestle him to keep still. This is the best pic I got of him.

Only three weeks until I go back for Christmas! I cannot wait.

I'm determined to have an awesome Christmas break. My dad is going to take me snowboarding, but I need as much to do as possible. If you have any desire to go on awesome Christmas adventures, let's start planning!