Thursday, January 23, 2014

Never too late to write about Christmas

Every time I decide to write a blog post, I forget how to share the pictures from my phone, and the post is delayed for weeks. Oh the struggle!

December was the most wonderful month!
Look at this little cutie! No, I didn't make this. I got it from Nothing Bundt Cakes.

I got to plan my first event!!! It was a cast screening for Saving Mr. Banks in Downtown Disney. Everything went really well, and I was prepared for how cold I get at night here. I realize the rest of America is actually freezing... but I was so cold.

That's right. I went snowboarding. Last time I went I was probably about 12 years old, and I hated it. But I was a super chubby kid, and had no athletic ability. In the last couple years I've lost some weight and I've gotten into working out, so I decided it was time to give it another try. Loved it!
My sweet dad was so patient with me. I was too terrified to go fast, so I rode the edge of my board all the way down the mountain.
I should also mention, there was one round where I freaked out about getting off the lift and ended up riding the lift back down the mountain. I'd rather snowboard off a little cliff than face that humiliation again. Everyone going the opposite direction just stares at you, and every once in a while makes fun of you. Then, once you're at the bottom, they have to stop the ENTIRE lift, so you can awkwardly limp off to the side.

White elephant at the Borup's this year was impressive. Probably the most impressive gifts so far. I got a pan and a pascal tape dispenser, which is perfect, because I like to pretend I'm rapunzel

Christmas break mostly revolved around this little puppy. 

Getting creative with Snapchat
On New Years Eve, we had a Alice in Wonderland themed mystery party. I had a blast, and I think all these kids are perfect.

Is she the CUTEST? She loved my dress, and decided that she would lay on the back of it to color.  

My best intern friend Meg LEFT!!! Saddest part of my life right here. She was basically the only person that I hung out with all semester. I do not know what I'm going to do at Disney without her!

And finally, took a trip to San Francisco with a new friend to visit an old friend. It's crazy how the world is so small! Ashley is in my ward here, and she was roommates with Marci, who was in my study abroad! (If you're wondering why this is the coolest picture I have of San Fran, that's because I got sick and spent the day in bed...)
Marcie was leaving this week to move to the other side of the country, so we had to take the trip to drive up to see her while we could. (ps- she moved to the city with no job, and got her ideal job the next day. Are you as impressed as I am?)

Things are starting to really fit together here now. I miss Utah and my family everyday, but it's getting easier.


  1. You are right, never too late to blog about Christmas, or blog about anything for that matter. I love to read it and love to see all the pictures. It is great to remember how nice the Christmas break was.

  2. Lucky! Saving Mr. Banks was so good and had an amazing cast!-Lizi Fesler